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We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common questions and answers about the club. Browse the section, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

University Student

1. What is the Carleton Pathways in STEM University Club?

Carleton Pathways in STEM is a club dedicated to helping students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at Carleton University. Our mission is to provide information, tools, and resources to students that can assist in finding successful careers outside traditional STEM professions.

2. What activities and resources does the club provide?

The club offers a variety of resources to its members. We organize workshops led by seasoned industry professionals on topics such as resume writing, interview skills, and industry trends. We also facilitate a series of poster presentations and pitches for students to showcase their unique ideas.

Our club teams up with industry pros to deliver workshops that provide actionable advice and insights on the job market. We also offer a platform for students to interact with these professionals, allowing for networking and possible mentorship opportunities.

3. How does the club help with career advice and networking?

4. Why should I join the Carleton Pathways in STEM University Club?

Joining the club not only provides a rich layer to your university life but also prepares you for your future career. It offers a unique opportunity to explore different career paths, build a robust professional network, gain industry insights, and showcase your innovative ideas to a broader audience.

5. How is the Carleton Pathways in STEM club different from other university clubs?

Our club fills a gap in the current university club offerings by focusing on helping STEM students explore careers outside of traditional STEM professions. We emphasize showcasing how the analytical skills gained from a STEM degree can be applied in various roles across different industries.

6. Who can join the Carleton Pathways in STEM University Club?

Any student enrolled at Carleton University with a keen interest in STEM and exploring different career paths can join the club. Although our resources and events are designed with STEM students in mind, students from all disciplines who are interested in STEM are welcome.

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